Vote Match Europe hits 3 million users

With two days to go until the elections, Vote Match Europe has already reached 3 million users across Europe. Vote Match, an online app which helps users find the party that best represents their views in an election, has been running in 14 EU countries. Vote Match UK is available at

Though Vote Match is not an opinion poll, users are asked to indicate which issues are particularly important to them. Comparing the priorities of UK users to those in Europe produces some illuminating results. In particular, although the British public is notoriously Eurosceptic, UK users of Vote Match did not rate EU membership or a referendum amongst the most important issues. By contrast, users in the Netherlands, regarded EU membership as the most important issue in the election. Please see our briefing ( on the top issues across countries where the data is available.

Commenting on these findings, Alexandra Runswick, director of Unlock Democracy said:

“Vote Match puts voters in control and allows them to see which parties match their own views. While the political class are talking non-stop about the UK’s membership of the EU, it seems Vote Match users in the UK are more interested in issues around same-sex marriage, the environment and immigration. 

Vote Match is not an opinion poll but it does suggest that there is a disconnect between the campaign messages being put out by parties and the issues that the public care about when deciding who to vote for.”

Vote Match Europe is an international network across fourteen EU countries: Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and the Netherlands.