Vote Match 2015 is coming

Launching March 2015

We’re rebuilding Vote Match from scratch for the 2015 general election. The new version will be our most accessible and user-friendly version yet, with new features and mobile-first design. We’re not ready to show you the whole thing yet, but here’s a sneak preview from the prototype.

Right now we’re in the middle of coming up with statements on the key issues in the election. We’ve looked at polling data to find out what your priorities are when you make your decision to vote. Some of these areas are obvious - it’s the economy, stupid - but others may change as the election campaign develops. We’re going through parties’ policies very carefully to find where they disagree. Sometimes it’s harder than you’d think; we’ve had to change several statements because one party has done a U-turn!

Once we’ve decided on the statements, we’ll send them to parties to fill out their answers. Unlike the TV debates, we’ve included the full range of political options from the start. We’ve already secured participation from the majority of political parties across the UK. We can go ahead without parties responding, but we want to give them a chance to make sure we’ve got their policy right.

Check back here for updates on how Vote Match 2015 is shaping up, and stay tuned for details of our March launch. Or you could go back in time and find out what your match would have been for elections going back to 2008.