This year we've had the largest number of policy motions submitted to our AGM ever. The debates have already started, with members debating the motions online here

But time is limited on the day, we only have two hours to debate and vote on the policy motions. There is a chance that if any of the motion debates overrun, we won't be able to debate and vote on all of them. 

So for the first time we are giving you our members the opportunity to vote on on the priority order of the policy motions. 

How to vote

For each Policy Motion you can either upvote (which will move it up the priority list) or downvote (which will move it down the priority list) or abstain. Refresh the page if you want to see how you votes have affected the order of motions)

Remember you are voting for the order the motions will be debate, not for or against the motions (if you are unable to attend please see our page on proxy voting).